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We’ve seen studies offer some valuable insights into different ways exercise can be beneficial for brain health, from combating depression, to fighting dementia, to boosting our memory. New research has approached this topic with a long-term view, tapping into a year’s worth of Fitbit data to gauge the impacts of different types of physical activity, and turned up some interesting results.
​Honey may find use in eradicating life-threatening lung infections
​New long-lasting anti-wrinkle Botox rival approved by FDA
​Russia to walk away from International Space Station after 2024
​A poor diet can't be entirely offset by more exercise, study finds
In what's being hailed as an important first for chemistry, an international team of scientists has developed a new technology that can selectively rearrange atomic bonds within a single molecule. The breakthrough allows for an unprecedented level of control over chemical bonds within these structures, and could open up some exciting possibilities in what's known as molecular machinery.
​Scientists solve the crystal structure of an exotic new form of ice-532
​New magnetic rocket thruster concept could propel astronauts to Mars
​Liquid glass discovered as new state of matter-445-08012021
Newly found bacteria fights climate change, soil pollutants
To the envy of us humans, limb regeneration is common to certain groups of animals. But while it’s normally a leg here or a tail there, scientists have now discovered one of the most extreme examples ever found – sea slugs that voluntarily detach their own heads and then regrow an entire body from it.
​Genetically-manipulated male mosquitoes could eliminate females
​Coronavirus outbreak raises question: Why are bat viruses so deadly?
Grey seals discovered clapping underwater to communicate
​Cuttlefish eat less for lunch when they know there'll be shrimp for dinner
Intel has demonstrated a prototype of the next generation of its Thunderbolt interface. The new connection will be up to three times faster than the existing Thunderbolt 4 when it debuts next year.
​interiqr tech prints edible, informational QR codes right into foods
​World's fastest internet network upgraded to staggering 46 Terabit/s
​Kindle Scribe lets users hand-write notes onto digital documents
​LG triples distance record for 6G data transmission
When it comes to keeping mosquitoes from spreading malaria, some proposed approaches involve killing the insects, or stopping them from acquiring malaria parasites. A new method, however, stunts the growth of the parasites once they're in the mosquito's gut.
​Genetically modified purple tomato approved by US regulators
​Mice cloned from freeze-dried cells could improve species conservation
​Eco-friendly algae-based prawn substitute could soon hit the market
​New CRISPR tool corrects mutations by copying genes between chromosomes
Predicting the likelihood and severity of earthquakes is important, but it’s hard to account for all factors at play. Researchers in New Zealand have now uncovered a previously overlooked factor that could affect the impact of the next big quake – fossils of tiny sea creatures.
​Fabric-based filter converts flue gas CO2 into bicarbonate
​Hydrogen 11 times worse than CO2 for climate, says new report
​Study reports a big reduction in plastic waste on Australian beaches
​Study reveals why smell memories are stronger than other sense memories
Scientists tinkering with commonly used battery materials have come up with a way of tweaking their microstructures to improve energy density. The work points the way to electric vehicles that can travel farther on each charge, with the scientists hopeful further experiments can boost the performance even further.
​China turns on the world's largest compressed air energy storage plant
​Carbon boost efficiency in "nanobionic" bacterial solar cells
​All-in-one solar tower produces jet fuel from CO2, water and sunlight
First perovskite solar cell to cross 30-year expected lifespan
As one of the strongest materials known to science, spider silk regularly finds itself at the center of exciting engineering breakthroughs, and a new study involving a quick chemical bath could take this research into new terrain. Scientists have developed a novel treatment method for silkworm silk that alters its make up to boost its performance, with the finished product offering 70% greater strength than indomitable spider silk.
​Self-powered sensor changes color to warn if frozen foods have thawed
​Fluorescent molecule could verify recycled content of plastic products
​Could gut bacteria be making you drink more alcohol?
​Powerful platinum catalyst remains liquid at room temperature
While plants such as corn and soybeans are major sources of biofuel, they're grown on land that could otherwise be used for food crops. With that problem in mind, scientists have genetically engineered oil-producing duckweed that could be grown in wastewater.
​Microplastics found in the meat, milk and blood of farm animals
​Food processing wastewater may find use as farmed seaweed fertilizer
​Fertilizer turning Europe's farms into massive reservoirs of microplastics
​Lasers and plasma shockwaves used to measure ripeness of fruit
The 2019 North American outbreak of E. coli contamination in romaine lettuce doubtless got many people thinking about how to most effectively wash their leafy veggies. Well, a new study suggests that using ultrasonic water may be the best way to go.
​Consumers may be wasting more than twice as much food as commonly believed
Five things to know about egg freezing
New study provides criteria for good infant sleep for the first time
​Qantas completes record-breaking 19-hour ultra long-haul flight

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  • The NA Chairwoman - Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan - hosted a reception in Hanoi on Jan 29 for Mr Tsutomu Takebe, the special advisor to Japan - Vietnam Friendship Parliamentary Alliance, who confirmed his continued contributions to developing 2 countries’ relations
  • The National Assembly Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan has complimented Vietnam’s U23 football team – the runner-up of the Asian Football Confederation U23 Championship (AFC), on their excellent performance and historical achievements at the continental spo
  • Vietnam U23 welcomed home: State PM Phuc welcomed in Hanoi on January 28 U23 Vietnam – the runner - up of the Asian Football Confederation U23 Championship - AFC in China, praising their excellent performance and achievements at the continental tournament
  • U23 Vietnamese football team’s return wows the foreign press: the impressive performances of the red - shirts have left a mark on the international media, as well as on the hearts of millions of football fans not only in Vietnam but all over the region
  • The Asian Football Confederation has an article praising Vietnam’s final game in Changzhou, China; it said the match at the final round wrapped up Vietnam’s memorable journey but it will live forever in the memory of fans in this Southeast Asian country